At a national level our College works actively in collaboration with the Viceministry of Education of the Basque Government in the implementation of the policies of Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning and takes part in all the evaluations of the system that are carried out by the Viceministry. At the same time collaborates in the implementation of the Quality System Mangement Policies and  takes part in the Educational Marketing Plan that is being developed at the moment. We also are an active member in the forum of Principals that started a couple of years ago.


At a local level we collaborate with the Town Hall in the organization of events related with the educational system and with the Labour Market. We also organized specific courses at Town Hall request.


At a regional level we collaborate with the regional provincial government of Gipuzkoa in developing courses and disseminating the results organized by this institution. Courses like emotional intelligence or .........have been taught in our centre.


We also are members of iKASLAN (Association of Public VET Colleges from the Basque Country) who are members of the International Networks EFVET (European Forum of Vocational Education and Training)  and TA3 (Transatlantic and Technological Alliance)


We collaborate with TKNIKA in the development of projects of Innovation