Our College is collaborating with different agents at different levels.

At a local level we maintain a close relationship with more than 200 companies situated in our environment and collaborate in training programmes some of them organized under demand and some of them under our own offer. We also collaborate with the Town Hall and development agencies of our area.

At a comarcal and provincial level we collaborate with the regional government in developing training programmes addressed to trainers, women and youngsters. At the same time we are integrated in IKASLAN, the Public  Association of Vocational Colleges from the Basque Country and take part in the development of Innovation projects with TKNIKA (Institute of Innovation for Vocational Education and Training)


At a national level we collaborate with the Viceministry of Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning in the implementation of the Educational Policies for this sector


At an International level we take part in the International Programmes Leonardo and Erasmus and send 10% of students abroad for periods of three months for a practical Training in Companies connected with the studies they developed in our College. At the same time we maintain a close relation with difefrent partners in Europe and receive students for practical Training too.