Five years ago of Institute..........defined a strategy on Internationalization. In this strategy four were the main targets:

  1. Offer the students the possibility to have a practical training abroad. In this sense we are taking part actively in the programmes Erasmus and Leonardo and sending 10% of the VET students to different Countries: Austria, Italy, Sweden, UK, Ireland......Middle level degree VET students travel with the programme Leonardo and High degree VET students with the programme Erasmus. Both kinds of students stay for a period of three months usually from March to June. The evaluations done by the students and also by the companies confirm that starting working in this field was a clever decission.
  2. Take part in different kinds of International projects. We have taken part in a project of Transfer of Innovation called: " ....................................." together with the following agents: turururu from Sweden, tarararara from Ireland, titririri from Italy..........The main target of the project was pirirpripi.
  3. Open our college doors to students coming from abroad for practical Training in companies. During last three years we have recieived 20 students from the fields of Mechanical Manufactura and Business Administration. They stayed for a period of three weeks. The students came from Italy, Poland and Denmark, countries where we have regular partners.
  4. Be involved in the development of the Multilingual project sorted by the Viceministry of VET and LLL in 2008. In this project teachers from our school have been trained in English so they can teach some subjects in that language. Students learning at Colleges involved in this project receive the classes in three languages: some of them in Basque language, some of them in Spanish language and some of them in English Language