Our college is aware of the importance for the students to be trained in entrepreneurship.We are taking part in a Network that is developing projects connected with entrepreneurship. In this Network we are working in the programme EJE (Young Educative Enterprise) and also in the programme URRATSABAT (A Step Forward)


In the progranmme EJE the students work actively in a cooperative that they have created with the help of the trainers at school and also the local banks. During the year they compite with different companies and have access to all the departments of a real company.In our college two cooperatives have been crated this year


In the programme URRATSBAT students who have an idea to create their own real company are helped by our college who offers them the installations for a period of two years and gives them advice about legal and technical matters. They also recive advice from the regional economical development Insitutions who help them to make an availability plan and the business plan and the regional government helps them financially during these two first years. When this period is finished they start working in their own compnay. In our college in the last five years 6 companies have been created following this system adnd they are working at the moment.